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Liquid - Web3 Crypto Investing

Apr 23, 2021

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Daniel Hwang does protocol research and governance at Stakefish. He is also a founding member of Handao, a decentralized autonomous organization that brings together promising projects and professional players within the NFT art and creators industry. HanDAO aims to support and expand the Korean NFT creative ecosystem and build a foundation for Metaverse players to collaborate freely. In this episode, I talk to Dan about Handao's structure, purpose, the Korean artist and NFT market and more. 

Topics we've discussed include:

- what's the inspiration behind handao?
- can you talk about the structure of handao?
- whats NFT phenonmenon like in Korea?
- how does the dao get hands on and help founders? 

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Dan and would like to thank him again for coming on the show. You can find him on Twitter @danhwang88

Other Handao resources

-Twitter: @handao_org
-Instagram: @handao_org