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Liquid - Web3 Crypto Investing

Dec 19, 2020

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Tarun Chitra is a partner at Robot Ventures. Tarun talks about how Robot Ventures came about, his thoughts on how Aave achieved its astronomical growth by identifying a new market of users, what Tarun looks for in an entrepreneur, along with stablecoins, Compound chain and more.

Topics we've discussed include:

1) How did Tarun get involved in investing and joining Robot Ventures?

2) How does Tarun thinks about the size of the stablecoins market?

3) What does Tarun think about where defi is going?

4) The impressive growth of Aave and how to identify the next one.

And basically everything else Tarunk thinks about. 

If you’d like to see more from him, you can follow him on Twitter @TarunChitra