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Liquid - Web3 Crypto Investing

Dec 4, 2020

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Haseeb Qureshi is the Managing Partner at Dragonfly Capital. We talk about Haseeb's learnings as an investor, Dragonfly's investments in the East and West, Haseeb's learnings from Uniswap and what Haseeb wishes more founders to do. 

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1) how did Haseeb make his way into the world of investing, his beginning imposter syndrome and how he overcame it?
2) Dragonfly capital's strength as a global fund  
3) How the team makes investment decisions
4) The change in investor makeup in the last few years in crypto
5) Recent trends for the ecosystem in Asia vs the west?
6) Hypothetically, if there are two teams building exactly the same project, and both teams have very strong backgrounds, and the only difference is that they are targeting different markets, one in Asia and in North America, who do you invest in? 
7) Key inflection points in the crypto industry globally in the next two years?
8) What were his learnings from passing on Uniswap?
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