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Liquid - Web3 Crypto Investing

Andrew Woodruff - Sustainable, Differentiated Competitive Moats

Jun 21, 2022

Our guest today is Andrew Woodruff, co-founder, PM & CIO of Black Lotus Capital. Black Lotus is a long / short fundamental long-term-oriented digital assets hedge fund. Black Lotus is focused primarily on liquid tokens that have a clear path to widespread adoption, sustainable differentiated competitive moats, and token value capture. Prior to co-founding Black Lotus,  Andrew was a founding member of the specialized research team at a multi-billion dollar long / short hedge fund, where he helped lead the build out of their early-stage crypto investment research and processes. Andrew is also an active angel investor and advisor to a collection of startup organizations, both in and outside of crypto, and holds a BS from Syracuse University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, including achieving the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.


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